Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finally clayed again!

Another first for me! Bought some pearl x powders today and was reading the instructions and they had a couple tutorials on it. So I read up on covering light switches......so with drill in hand I robbed the girls of their cover and went to work! It was fun. I haven't baked it yet, so will see how it works out after the baking process. But so far am happy with the results. The girls love it, so that is all that matters right?!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall goals

September is here. Kids are in school. One has full days in grade one, and the other is in kindergarten, which will start everyday next week. She only goes until 11:30. So I am going to be finding myself with 2 and half hours EVERYDAY all by myself. What will I do???!!! I am the best list maker...and then the best procrastinator ever invented!! I know that I can easily putter my time away and then have nothing accomplished. BUT this fall it WILL be different (yeah...have heard that before)...but it really will be! A few goals I have are home partys. I have mentioned that before, but have nailed down a few dates already. YAY!!

One will be in October...but no date yet
November 1st in Nanaimo....6-9pm...address to follow

I would like one a week starting in October until 2nd week in December!!.....And am asking the world to help me out with that!! so that will be around 10 partys....too much?? Perhaps....but even if I get 1/2 of those will be worth it!!

Wish me luck!!