Monday, July 20, 2009


Where in the world did time go? I just didn't really seem to have much to "say"! So the blog posts were put on hold for awhile. I will try to keep things a little more updated here. I have some new pictures to put up, but we have a new picture program and I have no idea how to use it!! Imagine that. So for now I will not be able to post pictures till I get that figured out!

I just finished a 12 hour market....then tack a couple hours either side of that....makes for a long day. It was ok....was hoping for better business, but I can't be too sad with outcome. Was down from last year, but I know people are pinching their pennies....and I totally understand that!

I have 2 more shows in the next 2 am busy getting ready for that. Hopefully they will go well!

I have a few new products that I will be posting soonish (I hope) and would love some input if I am on the right track or not!!

Have a great day enjoying the sunshine....well we have sunshine here!!
Happy creating!!!

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