Friday, July 23, 2010

Giving it a go again!!

Well, I figured that I enjoy looking at other peoples blogs....maybe someone might enjoy mine! But I figure I don't have much to say!! It has been an interesting year for me. Business wise....not so great. I am sorta in a time of thinking and rethinking things through and trying to decide what is the best course of action I should take.

I do really really enjoy making what I make and doing what I I think I just need to put on the big girl panties and get out there and not be shy to show my stuff. I guess I just feel like so many are better than me....which is true, but that is just fine!! So, I will try to post my creations and yak about it.

My goals for September is to finally get my etsy and artfire shops up and running. I have been paying on my Artfire shop for a year...and you guessed it, it has been empty!!!

I think I will be adding both made jewelry and supplies. The supplies will be out of polymer clay, which is my newest love!! Maybe some destash at times too.

I will be putting in beads, and raw polymer canes. I am really enjoying making canes, but I have to figure out HOW to send them! I know there is a way, cause a lot of people do it. But I have to figure out a way to get it through the slot that ships cheaper at the post office. Crazy how expensive it is to mail things.

So, hopefully soon, I will post some pictures and get this new ball a rolling!!

Have a great and creative day,

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Vanessa said...

Welcome back to blog land!