Friday, July 23, 2010

Learning curve

Well, one thing I have learned already, is if you post your post to see how lovely it looks! (lol) you can't then go and edit and add more photos. Or at least I can't find out how! So had to make a whole new post to add a few pictures of some of the canes that I have made. I have many more that need to be photographed, but that hasn't happened yet! Hope you like them!!

Here is one of my earlier canes. In the beginning it took me a few hours to complete each one. I am thankful that it is getting easier!

I got these cool little pendant trays, and fill with clay then cover with magic gloss. I love how they feel, and how rich the magic gloss makes the clay look!!

Blue flower....sorry for bad pics...working on that!

Pink flower....pretty original with the names eh??!!

WELL......I have to say, that I am proud of myself. It is hard to put MY work out there. Scared someone might say something that will hurt my feelings!! lol But remember what I said is time to put the big girl panties on and just do it! So there it is! First of many! Thanks for taking a peek!

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Hope Mountain Art said...

I love the canes! I am so glad you have gone in this direction!! So pretty!! I hope you are having much success in your business!!