Tuesday, September 25, 2012

100 flowers

I just made a little over a 100 flowers and was asked to post a picture!  They are all the same. I am going to use them for a charm style bracelet, which I call  a cha cha bracelet...no idea where this name came from.  But I use it and like it!  I am not sure if you can see the difference, but there are two styles....just a slice from  the cane with a hole running top to bottom.  The other is a more "scultped" type of bead.....I sliced a thin slice from the cane and then shaped it to look like a flower.  The hole is in the middle.

Here is a completed "cha cha' bracelet using the both styles of the white flower! Also the leaf beads are made out of polymer clay by me too!  The other beads are glass and metal.

I will have to post when I get a few of the bracelets made up. My goal at the moment is to get a wack of beads stock piled in different colours, so when yucky weather hits this winter I can beach in front of the tv and make bracelets with a cup of tea! :)

Happy creating,


Vanessa said...

I love these flowers and the bracelets u make from them. I think I need about 6 in a few different colours with out the holes. I have an idea brewing lol.

Jane Perala said...

Those look fantastic Kam!