Sunday, August 17, 2008

12 Years today!!

Well, this post has nothing to do with beads or jewellery but is just about us!! Today I celebrated 12 years of marriage to my husband Doug. Looking back to when we knee shakenly said our I do's, I really didn't have the slightest clue as to what I was getting myself into. And neither did Doug. We met at Bible College which was pretty strict on dating rules. 8 April...when school was finished Doug asked me to marry him! I was sssoooo excited. He went off to tree plant, and I went home to plan the wedding of my dreams. We only saw each other once that summer, until the week before the wedding when he came out to help do last minute preperations.

Ok..back to the knee we stood at the front of my church in front of family and friends...we had NO idea what some of what the Pastor was saying. Oh sure we had heard it before and THOUGHT we knew what it all meant!! But time would tell that we didn't have a clue!! You see, according to our beliefs we didn't live together before we were married. So, better or worse started pretty quick for us!! I for example "forget" to put the lid back on the toothpaste....Doug never forgets....I lose the keys ALL the time...Doug never forgets (well yes he does sometimes, but he doesn't think so!!) you get where I am going with this!! Looking back...we didn't know each other at all!! But over time we figured each other out, and our commiment to each other and our marriage grows stronger with each year that passes.

I truly feel blessed to be married to a kind and considerate man. I know I am loved, which apparently isn't a given in marriage relationships. We have fun together, and love spending time together. We now have 2 girls, and love spending time together as a family!! Sure there are difficult times, but I wouldn't want to go through them with anyone else!! It has been 12 years, which to some might seem like a LONG time. To seems like yesterday that we were walking down that isle getting ready to promise ourselves to each other!! I am looking forward to the next 12...well actually 13 because I would like to re-do our vows for our 25th somewhere super cool...or hot actaully!! Maybe a cruise, or hawaii, or the Bahamas...I don't know, got some time to figure it out! Wanna come??!!!! There might be a bead store there!! (Oh I am bad!!)

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