Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on Market

Well......lets just say....I am glad I had a friend along with my last night!! OH...was it THAT busy??? Nope....but it was nice to have someone to visit with! What a completely awful sale! I sold 4 things. Never have I been to a sale that bad before! So what did I do the whole 3 hours?? (so glad it was only 3 hours)...I ate. Thats right....I ate. Some super yummy soup....which I couldn't figure out how to make it...I ususall can!! And some carmel popcorn! YUM!!! Didn't eat it all by myself...shared with my friend, who broke her tooth on it. (I am sure she is glad I bought popcorn!!) And brought home the rest, and my youngest daughter got up before me this morning and ate it for breakfast. Oh dear.

You can't win them all, and last night was definatley not a winner!! Will try again next week. Only 2 more left anyways. I have already shifted my thinking for fall sales anyways, and am starting building up stock for those!

Have a great day,

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