Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Market Tonight

Well it is Tuesday again...the week seems to fly by so fast in the summer. Felt like I was just at market last night. This is my 4th summer doing the market, and every year at this time I wonder why I am in it!! I guess if it wasn't SSOOO close to home I wouldn't continue on. Things really slow off in August. And the last bit of market gets kinda dark! But with that said it has been a good market for me....not a GREAT market, but a good one. There is so many people out there making jewellery, and they all seem to be at this market! Well, any market/sale actually!! The key is to try and be different. I really admire the people who find their "niche" and have a style completely their own. I am not there yet, but believe me it is something I am trying to work on.

Anyways, wish me luck tonight!! Perhaps it will be better than last week...which was very slow! Will let you know tomorrow how things went!

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