Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update on Tuesday market

Well....I just couldn't wait till the morning to post!!! We got rained out tonight. People were GONE by 8. Everyone was packing up but we were determined to stay to 9. Then we realized that no one was around and we were just getting wet. My husband bought a lantern at Canadain Tire and in lit our booth perfectly. So once you stepped out of the booth...I couldn't believe how dark it was and how we were the only ones there!! So by 8:15 we started packing up.

Was it a good market?? Remember last week how bad it was...well tonight even though so many vendors didn't show up, and it was windy and cold and then wet....it was my best night so far this summer at the market!! I couldn't believe it!! Very exciting for lil ole me!! And I got a custom order still to go! YAY. So I am off to curl up in my warm bed and read for a bit!!

One market to go....wonder what next Tuesday holds!!

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