Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday again!!

See how fast the week goes??!! Here we go again! Unless the dark clouds open up and dump what I know is up there!! Kinda wouldn't mind a movie night!! But I think that is lazy Kam talking. Last week was such a waste of time.....setting up and taking down....I think I am worried about that again! BUT....if the rains do hold off I am on my way!

I do enjoy meeting people at the markets and talking with them. And I have to say that this year has given me some great contacts. I got some wholesale orders and some large custom orders!! So that has kept me busy inbetween Tuesdays. So even if the actaul night hasn't been that great, I have come away smiling!! So markets have been a good year all and all. Only one more to go after tonight! I have a new lantern for tonight too....it gets darkish around 8:30, and with all the lanterns lit up gives market a neat feeling!!

If you are in the area come tonight to the Craig Street Market...from 6-9pm.

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