Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taking baby steps

Today I am trying something new to me. I am very new to polymer clay. It is fun for me and for now I just am playing a bit. Nothing too serious....but I can see it sliding that way. There are some AMAZING polymer clay artists out there. If I could have as much talent as they do in their pinkys I would be laughing. But for now I put in the hours that they already have put in trying new things and trying to make them come out in a nice way!!

Anyways, today's adventure is trying to make a mokume gane pendant. I have ordered some texture sheets which should arrive next week, BUT I want to do this TODAY....yes I have patience issues...and I wonder where my kids get it from!! kids found a cool drawer pull thing that has a really neat shape imprinted on I am going to use that. I hope at the end of this experiement I don't wish that I had waited for the texture sheet!! Oh well if I do, then I can try again next week. Maybe I will post a picture of it!! Vanessa wants me to be putting pictures on this blog, but that is scary for me!! Other people checking my stuff out!! But maybe. Keeping my fingers crossed! Will report back later!

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