Thursday, August 14, 2008

The results of the experiment as promised

Here is the "slab" waiting for me to do something with it......
I found the drawer pull thingy that my girls found out in the yard somewhere...was going to through it in the garbage...but I didn't!! YAY
This was super scary for squish the "drawer pull thingy" into the rectangle....would it work..would I push it hard enough....or too was a wee bit stressful for me!! But I did it!
Then the slicing began.....I held my breath and sliced away!
This is the finished pendant (before curing and sanding/buffing of course)...I think I will leave it. I also made some beads to go along with it and hopefully make some earrings to match!

Well....there you have it. My experiment!

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Vanessa said...

Welcome to the blog world Kam! The blog is looking god and I love the mokume gane slab you created today.